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If you study any success story, you’ll find two constants: unique, one-of-a-kind products and a visionary to make the world take notice. Gary J. Raser is an industry legend who’s not just successful; but he also has a vision that changes lives. As a leader who has built massive, global direct sales organizations producing many hundreds of millions in volume and earnings, Gary knows what it takes to succeed on both the distributor side and corporate side. His unique perspective and experience is what sets LIMU apart. It’s that duality that is his differentiator… and ours, too.

Gary’s story is one of humble beginnings. His family struggled to make ends meet and often could not provide everyday comforts taken for granted by many. It was those hard times that propelled Gary’s entrepreneurial spirit and molded his tenacious hunger and tender heart.

He knows struggle. He knows success. He’s a leader who’s been where you are and has made his mess his message. He makes decisions with the needs and best interests of Promoters at the forefront. Gary is passionate about helping ordinary people dramatically change their lives and he’s committed to building a brand Promoters can be proud to partner with — providing entrepreneurs the most attractive business opportunity out there, fueled by innovative products and cutting-edge tools that produce real results.

A Player’s Coach. A Distributor’s CEO.

Multi-million dollar earning distributor in network marketing, having built global organizations in the hundreds of thousands
Successful small business owner across several industries
Respected corporate executive
Accomplished college athlete
Highly sought after motivational speaker, who's trained crowds of over 25,000 people
Committed to a variety of charitable causes
Husband to Helen, Dad to John & Teri, Poppy to Finley & best friend to his dogs, Hurley, Archie & Henry
Avid sport-fisherman, muscle/classic car collector & serious sports fan